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We are social creatures. We are individuals within organizations. To be more effective, Change Design provides procedures and methods to Get where you want to go and know where you are when you get there.

At Powerstart Academy, we give you the tools to change yourself, your organization, your world.


Learning Instructional Design is all about learning to teach better. It’s about learning better and helping others to learn better. It’s about getting your point across, quickly and effectively in a way that makes sense to others.

You can teach, design classes and give directions that are shorter, more effective, more useful and are far more enjoyable. That will make you feel pretty good about yourself – won’t it? It sure will make your “students” happy! ID can help in many areas of your life.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT If you want to advance in your job, you MUST get others to understand your ideas, to follow your directions. You can’t lead if you can’t teach. If they can’t or won’t follow, YOU CAN’T LEAD!

AT HOME AND IN GROUPS It is as true at home as it is at work. It is as true in any group you are part of – if you want to communicate, to convince, to get people to follow your lead, you MUST know how to teach.

Instruction is not always the answer. Often, to create change, we can create a bigger impact by looking at the MITSS – the motivation, information, tools, system and skills. These give us clues as to how to create change in the most cost and time effective manner.


We work with organizations and individuals – changing practice, increasing performance.

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