Week 5 & 6 Videos

Note: There are items within the blackboard post that aren’t here.. just the videos.


1. Learning / Performance objectives – a smaller focus – a single intervention instead of the more global curriculum, so think bigger, broader.


2. Environmental Analysis and MITSS You’ve heard me talk about MITSS (motivation, information, tools, system, skills) as a lens to look through at your problems and goals. This talks about looking at the environment and MITSS to look for solutions other than training.


3. Design Decisions and PPOs Looking at the program design and program performance outcomes – the details of the latest addition to the mind map.


4. Return of the spreadsheet with more explanations: I’ve posted this before, but I’ve changed it a bit, plus have more information on using it.

YOU DO NOT have to use this. It is only a tool to use if you find it helpful.

possible worksheet for currciulum


Week 4 Videos


Different Kinds of Learning

Kirkpatrick to LIP – From the traditional to a new view





Goal ordering

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