This is the next to the last set of video tutorials. Environmental Analysis is not as “clean” as task and needs analysis, but here is where a true master shines.

In the second video, I give you an overview of the design process and – EXCITING NEWS – begin to describe the course in instructional design that I have finished designing and will be offering to a small number of students.

I will announce details in the next video, so let your friends know and get ready. This class is going to be a completely new approach, using videos, chats, discussions and one-on-one consulting sessions with me. It will improve your abilities and jump your understanding leaps and bounds beyond the others.

So, to work!

Grab your brains and go!

Any problems, write to



Note: I’ve started using an HTML 5 player. It works on most players, but if you are having problems, email me. These videos also allow you to go to full screen.

Environmental Analysis


Introducing Design

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