The tutorials have been really striking a chord. I’ve been hearing from lots of you that this is exactly what you need. Some are using it at work. Some are using it to set goals. Others have said they are using the information to make their wants and needs more clear and are seeing results in many areas of their life. That’s great.

I’m nearly finished designing the class and it’s going to be great. I’ve done some research and been taking online classes and can see what they are doing wrong. The class that is coming up will be the best thing out there. A limited number of students working together to learn faster and better. Once the class starts, all these videos will not be available for free. I’ll replace them with much shorter overviews, so get the most of these while they are available.

Share these with your friends (but not your competitors). The folks signed up before I announce the class will be able to register early and get a significant discount. Others will not.

So, to work!

We looked at the end – task analysis. Now, it’s time to understand the beginning. It’s called needs analysis. What are the needs of the target population? I’ve also thrown in gap analysis. Two videos – over 30 minutes of solid information.

Grab your brains and go!

Any problems, write to


Needs Analysis Part 1

Needs Analysis Part 2


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