Welcome back! There has been a lot of discussion and I’ve gotten great feedback from some via email. Please, take the time to share in the response area below.

Also, please, let others know about these video tutorials. This is the material I have taught on the graduate level, that people have spent $1,500 a semester to get and that corporate clients have paid $3,000 for a two day seminar. You get it for free! But please, let others know and give me feedback.

Now, we get into the ADDIE process. The best place to start, is at the end. If you don’t know where you want to go, you will wander around and not get anywhere.

We call the end, Task Analysis.

There’s a lot to cover here. It’s about 30 minutes of information, so I broke it into 2 videos. Watch them a bit at a time. Watch them more than once. Then, let me know what you think.

Again, if you haven’t signed up,use the form on this page so I can let you know when the next video is up.

Please add your comments . Please tell your friends about powerstart.com, so we can begin to share ideas.

Any problems, write to DrSteve@powerstart.com.


Task Analysis Part 1

Task Analysis Part 2

Note: There is a little drag between the audio and picture in picture video. I’m aware of the problem and am working to fix it.

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