The Importance of Change Design

I recently saw a presentation by IBM that contained a news flash about personalized education. To my mind. This is a rehash of the desire for RLO (reusable learning objects). The idea is that the learner sits down and, either self diagnoses their need or takes a test of some kind and exactly their learning need in exactly their learning style pops out. This makes sense to wonks who run big datamining apps. However, to me, this is exactly what killed the promise of knowledge management. In KM, the real promise was matching a person and a need. It comes back to my view of learning – in my definition, learning is an interaction between information and a person or people in time. Learning is a personal and temporal event.

KM, as seen by the big data miners became synonymous with vacuuming up every piece of knowledge that wasn’t nailed down.

The Collyer Brothers overstuffed apartment

So, you ended up with a horder’s paradise. However, because it was digital, no one was calling the authorities. Unfortunately, just like with horders, the stuff was mostly piled up with no great use.

I believe that instructional design by formula has become powerful enough to become dangerous. We are not teaching people correctly or the correct things. We aren’t talking to the drivers and users of our interventions. We are not proceeding with thought. That’s a bad thing.

Here’s a video on the change design process. I think this is a much more useful approach to what we do.