4 Dimensions of Learning

Powerful Strategies to Effect Change in Individuals and Organizations

This article appeared in Performance Improvement. A short introduction to the DOPSS concept.

First of the three foundation articles about DOPSS — Dynamic Online Performance Support Systems

Second of 3 DOPSS foundation articles. This is the model for using and finding pieces of information.

Third of 3 DOPSS foundation articles. How to design and grow DOPSS interventions. Written with Tom Schwen.

Dear to my heart, the idea that ID is a field that can evole, instead of being stuck in a series of rote exercises.

A case study of changing practice in a department of education. Challenging, but powerful.

Written with Paige Bray at the University of Hartford. Changing teacher apprenticeship using the model presented in Cook & Brown’s article. Very useful way of learning.

How ID can learn from movement education. A systems view of an organization. Jay Polsgrove & I have been working on this article for years. Unpublished.