These videos were made for graduate level classes. While not polished, they explicate my philosophy and approach to design as well as give a basic understanding of many concepts of instructional design, organizational communication, and change initiatives.

 1. The biggest mistake instructional designers make.

2. Journey to the Happy Place – Goal setting and achieving. A different take on getting there.

3. More Effective Front End Analysis (a lecture)

4. Change Design Process – The Evolution of ID (a lecture)

5. Different Kinds of Knowledge – Introduction

6. Cook and Brown view of Knowledge Creation

7. Introduction to class on Evaluation – What is Kirkpatrick? Kemp? What will we learn? What is my approach to evaluation? The LIP and GUT model.

8. Task Analysis

9. Workflow Analysis

10. * Very Important – The path from Task Analysis to Needs Analysis to Performance Objectives.

11. Example of a class – Teaching a hybrid class on designing and conducting interviews. Long and rough, but very real.